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Grover's English is an open educational resource (OER), a repository of articles and resources related to writing instruction as well as general student advice, composed primarily with university students in mind.


Grover’s English is divided into the following chapters, each one filled with articles exploring the chapter's topic. Click a chapter below to see a detailed list of its articles, or go to the Table of Contents to see a full listing of the entire site.

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Strategies for Students

Everyone struggles to some degree when faced with the challenges of a university education—but struggle isn’t the same as defeat. These articles will help you better strategize your approach to school, helping you overcome your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths.


Writing is the Worst

You take writing nearly every year you’re in school, but you never seem to finish learning it. Find out why, and find out what you can do about it.

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The Job Search

Resumés, cover letters, interviews, and more. The articles in this chapter show you not only how to approach each part of the job search—they teach you how to think like an employer, giving you the best chance of standing out in a crowded field of candidates.

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Writing for the Web

Words on screens are not consumed in the same way as words in print, so writing for the web has its own set of guidelines and tools. Learn more about the genres and outlets of online publishing and how to predict and accommodate user behavior with these articles.

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Professional Communication

In school we learn to write for school. Our essays are meant to prove that we learned the material or that we can talk like academics. However, the vast majority of us don’t become academics, and the type of writing we need in our everyday work can seem quite separate from what we learned to do in school. These articles will help you produce professional writing that won’t embarrass you, your boss, or your clients.

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Technical Communication

Being able to bridge the gap between the expert and the novice is a rare skill—but it’s one you can learn. Technical communicators specialize in presenting complex and technical information to everyday users in a way that is accessible and usable. Learn that skill for yourself with the articles in this chapter.

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The Craft of Editing

Being a good writer does not automatically make you a good editor. Editing involves a set of unique skills and concerns, and mastering them will make you more marketable and more valuable to clients, colleagues, and employers. The articles in this chapter can help you do just that.

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Research and Writing

Our ideas don’t exist in a vacuum, and the best writing reflects that by pulling in, crediting, conversing with, and complicating the ideas of others. The process of finding those ideas and incorporating them into our writing can be frustrating, however; this chapter’s articles seek to remedy that.

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EN306B at Park

This chapter includes resources used specifically in the Business Communications class at Park University, EN306B.

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Presentation Materials

A place for the Drs. Grover to stash materials for conference presentations, etc.

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Teaching Resources

A place to share teaching resources—lesson plans, assignment descriptions, activities, and more.

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