Technical Communication

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Being able to bridge the gap between the expert and the novice is a rare skill—but it’s one you can learn. Technical communicators specialize in presenting complex and technical information to everyday users in a way that is accessible and usable. Learn that skill for yourself with the articles in this chapter.

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File Formats and Software Concerns

As long as you work alone, you can create documents however you like. But when you collaborate with others, you have to be more thoughtful about the software, file formats, and processes you use to bring documents to completion.


Types of Editing

Mapping the landscape of the editing profession is a tricky task, but we’re up to it.

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Levels of Edit

Why a concept meant to bring clarity to the craft more often brings confusion.

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The Editorial Mindset

How can I describe to you what an editor’s mind is doing while they ply their craft?


How I Accidentally Became an Editor

The long and unexpected road to developing a skill I never meant to develop ran straight through London.


Transmittal Letter Tips

Examples of how you can report on your editing work to your client.

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Editing with an In-House Style

How one editorial department uses style guides in layers to create an in-house style that works for its publications.

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