Grover's English accepts submissions of articles related to college-level writing instruction as well as general student advice.

The aim of the site is not to merely duplicate (at no cost to users) what textbooks cover. Instead, the aim is to provide high-quality articles that supplement the more comprehensive content a writing textbook typically includes. The articles are meant to be short, freely available, standalone pieces that can easily be used by teachers in a variety of courses or even just by curious students.

Think “a textbook but in blog form.” Think, “an OER but fully modular and well designed.” Think “a modern website minus all attempts to garner clicks and page views.”

How To Query/Submit

We encourage writers to first send queries for articles rather than completed drafts. That way, we can work with you to refine the scope and angle of your ideas early in the writing process and plan to make the best use of the site's web-based functionality, saving time and effort on your part.

We have prepared a Writers' Guide familiarize writers with our approach to meeting readers' needs and a Style Guide to promote consistency across articles. We encourage writers to use these documents in planning their submissions.

An effective query will include the following:

Queries and submissions can be sent to the editor at

There is no fee for submitting or publishing on Grover's English, and authors are not paid for publication. Grover's English is a scholar-published, non-profit open educational resource.

Editorial Process and Publication Timeline

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