The Job Search

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Resumés, cover letters, interviews, and more. The articles in this chapter show you not only how to approach each part of the job search—they teach you how to think like an employer, giving you the best chance of standing out in a crowded field of candidates.

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3 Mistakes Everyone Makes

Don’t fall for these three common errors when applying for your next job.

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Master Resumes, Tailored Resumes, Cover Letters

What a national park can teach us about applying for jobs.

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The Employer’s Perspective

Understanding an employer’s thought process when reviewing resumes is crucial to outsmarting the competition.

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Tailoring a Resume

Whipping up a great resume is a bit like whipping up a fantastic meal: knowing your audience and the occasion is crucial to choosing the right dishes. Here’s how it’s done.

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Writing a Cover Letter

This simple formula can help turn a much maligned part of any job application into your key to success.

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Formatting a Resume

Forget templates and resume generators—these principles will help you create a highly functional, perfectly original look for your resume, one that actually serves your reader’s needs.

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