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Presentation Materials

Lock and Key: Resumes for Work and College

Workshop given at Fall 2022 Deep Dives at Notre Dame de Sion High School

S. David Grover and Emily Grover

9 October 2022 | 2-minute read

Writing resumes for college applications and early jobs such as in retail and food service is quite different than writing them for post-college careers. And yet, the majority of resume advice out there is specifically geared toward the later.

The following materials were used in our presentation, "Lock and Key: Resumes for Work and College," given in October 2022 at Notre Dame de Sion High School in Kansas City, MO, as part of their Deep Dives program.


Here are the slides we used during the workshop. The slides include notes so that they are easy to interpret even outside the context of the presentation.

presentation slides

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Sample Resumes

In the workshop, we used the following sample resumes to discuss how one person can create several versions of their resume to fit different needs. Here, the first one is geared toward a college application, while the second would work better for applying for a job or internship.

sample resume for college

Mary's resume, tailored for a college application
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sample resume for work

Mary's resume, tailored for a job application
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The following worksheet includes an activity to help students generate material for their "big list" or "master resume," which can then be used as a resource to create various resumes tailored to individual applications.

presentation worksheet

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Additional Resources

The chapter "The Job Search" here on Grover's English contains articles about resumes, cover letters, and more. Though these are geared toward a post-college job search, Sion students may find them useful, particularly "Formatting a Resume," which covers general formatting principles we didn't have time for in the workshop.

David Grover is the cofounder of Grover's English and a professor of English at Park University. He earned his doctorate in Technical Communication and Rhetoric from Texas Tech University in 2017.

Emily Grover is the cofounder of Grover's English and an English teacher at Oak Park High School in Kansas City, MO. She earned her doctorate in English from Texas Tech University and has taught extensively at the high school and college levels.

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