The gradebook is attached below. Please check it for accuracy and contact me with any discrepancies.

The gradebook is an Excel spreadsheet with two sheets: one for attendance and one for grades (there are tabs along the bottom of the window to switch between them). On the attendance page, an X signifies an absence while an L signifies a tardy. For the grades page, here is a key to the markings:

The purple columns at the end of the "Everyday Assignments" block automatically add up how many assignments were failed or missed, how many extra credits you've earned (each one counts for a missed or failed assignment), and, finally, how many total missed or failed assignments you currently have, minus any extra credit that covers some of them. For example, if you missed or failed 4 assignments at this point and you've received 1 extra credit, the final column will say 3. Compare this number to what it says about grading in the syllabus to see where you stand as far as your final grade goes.

NOTE: All remaining assignments are counted on this gradebook even though many aren't due yet (see the Assignments page for a complete list). If you haven't done them, don't panic when the gradebook says you are missing more assignments than you thought you were—just enter a P in those columns and it will recalculate as if you've already done the work.

ALSO: I've highlighted in pink those assignments that can't be done late. Anything not highlighted—you can still do it and turn it in late until July 23.

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