Revise Major Projects


If you want to, you can revise your major projects for a higher grade.

How to Get Credit

Here's what to do:

Step 1: Revise

Make substantial revisions to your project. I won't consider for a higher grade revisions that consist of only small edits‐you need to use the feedback I provided as a starting point but go beyond it. (Note: Papers that score well the first time generally need less substantial revisions than those that score poorly. If you got a B+ the first time, the definition of "substantial revisions" will be less than if you got a C–.)

Step 2: Write a Memo

Write a reflection memo in which you elaborate on the following things:

Your memo should be specific and detailed. If it is not, your grade will likely not improve significantly.

Turn It In

Turn in to me in hard copy the following things:

Revisions are due by December 11 at 5:00pm.

Extra Credit Earned

Your new grade will replace the old grade.