Make Friends

Extra Credit Opportunity


Meet off campus with at least 4 classmates and share food while getting know each other. Here are the exact specifications:

By homemade, I mean you need to at least do some assembly yourselves. This can be as elaborate or as simple as you want—you can bake cookies and eat them together at someone's apartment, or you can go all out and have a potluck dinner. At the very least, buy the root beer and ice cream and assemble the floats yourself.

How to Get Credit

Have one person in the group post to the #random channel on Slack your photographic evidence along with a short description of who was there, where you went, what you did, and what you learned about each other.

Due Date

Meetings must take place no later than Monday, April 29. Post to Slack (to the #random channel) about the meeting no later than Wednesday, May 1.

Extra Credit Earned

You will receive extra credit equal to one missed or failed assignment—that is, missing or failing one assignment (not a major paper, of course) will not count against your average, as explained in the "Grading" section in the Syllabus.