Writing Manual Report 3


NOTE: This assignment is not about your style guide—the MLA or APA manual, etc.—but instead about your choice of an additional textbook, explained on the Choosing a Writing Manual page.

Step 1: Read

Read the final third (or thereabouts) of your chosen writing manual.

Step 2: Summarize

Write a brief summary of each chapter in the portion of the book that you read (or, if the book is arranged in something other than traditional chapters, divide it up in the way that makes best sense to you). In sum, your summaries should add up to about 400 words (for example, if you had only 4 longish chapters to summarize, each summary should be around 100 words, but if you had 8 smaller chapters or divisions, each summary would be closer to 50 words).

Step 3: Reflect

In the same document as your summaries, write a 300-word reflection on your reading. Use the following questions as a starting place, but feel free to expand from here and talk about what's most important to you.

Step 4: Share

Lastly, choose the one or two best things you learned from your reading and post them to the #worth-sharing channel on Slack along with a sentence or two explaining why you found these things so great. No repeats allowed, so if one of your classmates has already posted about a thing, you'll have to choose another.

Turn It In

Your report should be uploaded to your Submitted folder on Dropbox (and your posts posted to Slack) no later than 9:00pm on Tuesday, July 23. Please follow the file-naming and format guidelines.