Proposal and Annotated Bibliography


In this assignment, you will propose a topic for your analytical business report and summarize and evaluate some sources that are relevant to your project.

Part 1: The Proposal

The point of the proposal is to persuade your instructor (me) that the project you have in mind is necessary/useful and that you are prepared to take on the project. At this stage, you should not necessarily know what course of action you are going to recommend (after all, you haven’t even done all your research yet). In your proposal, you should

(It might be helpful to reference the sample proposal in fig. 17.2 on pgs. 558–561, though you might need to deviate from it to best serve your content and your reader.)

Part 2: The Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography has 2 parts: citations for all the sources you've found (that's the bibliography part) and notes on each source (that's the annotations part). Your annotated bibliography should include at least 3 sources relevant to your project (at least 1 should be a scholarly source).

Citations: Each source you find should have a citation that follows the documentation style of your choosing (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). They should appear just as they would in a Works Cited or References page, with all the periods in the right places, all the correct italics and everything.

Annotations: Each source should also have an annotation made up of two paragraphs:

Note: You should write your own annotations; do not copy abstracts or other people’s summaries of your sources; that counts as plagiarism. You are showing your instructor that you read and understood the source.

While the annotated bibliography requires a minimum of 3 sources to show that the project is researchable, you will need more than 3 to fully develop your final project. There is no magic number, of course, as all topics are different and require different sources to achieve their goals. As you continue working on your report over the next couple of weeks, keep examining sources and thinking about what material you need to fully develop your report and recommendations. You do not need to redo the proposal to add or change sources. It is fairly normal to refine your sources as you work on a project.

Turn It In

Your proposal and bibliography should be formatted as appropriate for a professional business document (i.e., block formatting, etc.).

I highly encourage you to sign up for a grading conference time where you and I can meet and discuss your Proposal in person. These conferences are optional.

If you DO want to participate in a grading conference

  • Sign up for a time on the Proposal Grading Conference Sign-Up Sheet by Wednesday, November 20.
  • At the meeting, please bring the final draft of your proposal, printed out. I will read and respond to your project—right there, during the meeting, in person—and we will discuss what grade the project should receive. There will be no need to turn in your project again on Canvas, separate from this meeting.

If you DON'T want to participate in a grading conference

Your proposal should be uploaded to Canvas by 11:59pm on Friday, November 22. All materials must be submitted as PDF files.