Applications Packet

Unit 2 Project


For this project, you'll be compiling a packet of the following job application materials:

One more thing: YOU CAN MAKE STUFF UP. Not too much stuff, and not too outlandish. But since you are generally only juniors, and since these applications are generally geared toward seniors or graduates, it's fine with me if you make up an internship or a not-yet-developed skill or other experiences, qualifications, and achievements that you might conceivably have when you do graduate.

Turn It In

I highly encourage you to sign up for a grading conference time where you and I can meet and discuss your Job Application Portfolio in person. These conferences are optional.

If you DO want to participate in a grading conference

  • Sign up for a time on the Business Correspondence Portfolio Grading Conference Sign-Up Sheet by Wednesday, October 9.
  • At the meeting, please bring the final draft of your Job Application Portfolio project, printed out. I will read and respond to your project—right there, during the meeting, in person—and we will discuss what grade the project should receive. There will be no need to turn in your project again on Canvas, separate from this meeting.

If you DON'T want to participate in a grading conference

Your project materials should be uploaded on Canvas by 11:59pm on Friday, October 11. All materials must be submitted as PDF files. You can combine all your work into a single file (name it Lastname, Unit 2 Project), or you can upload multiple files (instead of Unit 2 Project in the file name, give each one an appropriate name like Blueprint Resume, Resume 1, and Cover Letter.).