Business Correspondence Portfolio

Unit 1 Project


This assignment is a collection of business documents. The portfolio will include the final drafts of each of the following: an introductory letter, a positive message memo, and a negative message email. Here are instructions for each:

Introductory Letter

Write a 1.5- to 2-page formal business letter to your instructor introducing yourself in detail using the topics listed in Problem 1.9 (pg. 22) of your textbook.

You letter should use block formatting and an appropriate layout for a business letter (see Appendix A). Use the guidelines for making messages visually inviting given in Chapter 1 (pg. 16), which means you will need to think about using headings to help your instructor navigate the document and use other document design tactics such as lists, paragraph length, organization, etc. Make sure to edit your document carefully and use a professional tone.

Positive Message Memo

Write a formal memo in response to Problem 9.19 (pg. 283) of the textbook. Your memo should announce the new tuition program to the employees of an organization you are familiar with, correctly explain the details of the program, and show how the program benefits your readers.

As you design your memo, think carefully about how your readers will navigate and use your document. Also, when creating benefits, you are not authorized to create add-on benefits that are not already part of the program details, meaning you should think carefully about developing the intrinsic benefits of the program.

Use the checklist for informative and positive messages on pg. 273 of your textbook to help you compose and revise your message. Use Appendix A to format it correctly.

Negative Message Email

Write an email in response to Problem 10.14 (pg. 316) of the textbook. Your email should refuse the student's request to waive the licensing fee and royalty. Assume that the organization you are representing is Park University.

Use the checklist for negative messages on pg. 310 of your textbook to help you compose and revise your message. Use Appendix A to format it correctly.

A couple of tips:

  • When developing alternatives, you may need to do some thinking about the kinds of resources that are actually available at Park University for helping your audience get what she wants. Who at Park has the knowledge or expertise to help her figure out how to generate start-up capital for her new business? What organizations or people within the university exist to help students with projects like these? Are there outside sources of information or resources she could turn to? Use the Park website to investigate possible alternatives.
  • An acceptable alternative should not change the policy that you are expected to enforce. You can’t, for example, offer her a payment plan or offer to accept part of her proposal. It is your job to say no; offering her an alternative you are not authorized to offer could get you fired in a real world scenario.
  • When you think about reasons to offer, remember, policy is not a reason. You may want to review the advice in Chapter 3 about maintaining goodwill. Offer reasons for the policy that will appeal to her or that benefits her (or people like her) in some way.

Turn It In

I highly encourage you to sign up for a grading conference time where you and I can meet and discuss your Business Correspondence Portfolio in person. These conferences are optional.

If you DO want to participate in a grading conference

  • Sign up for a time on the Business Correspondence Portfolio Grading Conference Sign-Up Sheet by Thursday, September 12.
  • At the meeting, please bring the final draft of your Business Correspondence Portfolio project, printed out. I will read and respond to your project—right there, during the meeting, in person—and we will discuss what grade the project should receive. There will be no need to turn in your project again on Canvas, separate from this meeting.

If you DON'T want to participate in a grading conference

  • The following materials should be uploaded on Canvas by 11:59pm on Friday, September 13:
    • The final draft of your Business Correspondence Portfolio project as a .docx file
    • The final draft of your Business Correspondence Portfolio project as a .pdf file
  • (On Canvas, go to the Syllabus page and click on the Unit 1 Project: Business Correspondence Portfolio. On the next page, click the large, red "Submit Assignment" button; then upload your files as directed. It would be VERY helpful to me if you named your files this way: Lastname, Unit 1 Project. Thanks!)