Formal Summary Revision


Step 1: Examine Your Peers' Work

You and the members of your Slack team posted your Formal Summary to Slack recently. Read all of their summaries and consider what approaches were more and less effective and why. Compare each summary to the others, to yours, and to criteria discussed in class and on this page.

Though not required, I'd encourage you to give your peers some feedback. For each other summary, you might post one bit of praise—something you think the writer did well—and one suggestion of what could be done better. (The best way to do this is to start [or add to] a thread on their original post.)

Step 2: Revise Your Work

The next step is to reflect and revise your own summary to make it even better. It should still be around 250 words and should still follow the criteria given for the Formal Summary.

Also, write a short reflection of about 250 words in which you describe what changes you made, why, and why you believe they result in a better summary overall.

Turn It In

This assignment should be uploaded to your Submitted folder on Dropbox by classtime on Wednesday, May 8. Please follow the file-naming and format guidelines.