Semester Project Revision

You're finally in full command of your own education.

Alright, you’ve been working on your Semester Project for a few weeks now, and it’s time to take stock of where you’ve been so you can make sure you’re getting where you want to be. Some of you wrote vague plans in your proposal which by now have taken on a more definite shape, and some of you wrote exquisitely detailed plans which may have not gone as well as you’d hoped. Probably the common factor among us all is the human factor—we rarely take into account our own               (fill in the blank yourself: “laziness,” “idiosyncrasies,” “ability to fail epically”).

No fear: you may not have predicted that you of all people would be the wrench in the works, but you can plan for that now. Your assignment is to revise your plan—to make it more detailed, more foolproof, and more effective.


Write me a formal memo in which you apprise me of the following things:

Be sure to be as specific as possible with your plan. I remind you that charts, graphs, calendars, and other such visual aids are both appropriate and effective, both in planning and in showing me how serious your plan is. Students who plan for success will take into account their personalities, their work/school/social schedules, and the amount of time they have until the project is due.

I also remind you that you will need to present your results visually at the end of the semester. Thus, your evaluation method should result in some sort of hard evidence if at all possible.

Turn It In

This assignment should be uploaded to your Submitted folder on Dropbox by classtime on Friday, June 14. Please follow the file-naming and format guidelines.

Remember that, for the Semester Project, I won't be grading you on achievement—instead, I'd like you to be able to, as the Learning Model suggests, "stumble without fear." Therefore, I'll only be grading you on whether or not you turn in this assignment, not whether or not or how well you actually do the project it describes.


Sample Revision: Understanding Poetry Sample Revision: Reading Skills