Semester Project Proposal

You're finally in full command of your own education.


Your semester project is to choose a weakness you have, academically speaking, and then create and implement a plan to conquer it. I’m pretty open as to what you can choose to do and how, but if you wonder whether your chosen topic is okay, come talk to me about it.

The first step is to decide and commit to what you want to do. Submit to me a proposal in which you explain the following:

The thing I’m most interested in here is your proposed plan of action. I’m anxious to see some ambition, some initiative, and some creativity. As a guideline, this plan should involve at least 10–12 hours of work split up any way you want (that’s less than an hour a week, though you’re free to do more, and many of my students do)—I’d be happy to help you brainstorm methods if you’re at a loss.

Also, in explaining your plan, please be very specific. I want to know the details, how this project will be implemented on a daily or weekly basis. Is your plan to be done in phases? Is it one big go? Are there rewards or other incentives? Feel free to include calendars, graphics, or charts if that helps explain things.

One last note: You’ll be presenting the results of your project in a Science Fair-type setting (see Semester Project Presentation). That means you’ll need to approach this project like an experiment—you’ll have to figure out a way to measure your progress as objectively as possible. Keep that in mind as you make your plan. Maybe take before-and-after photos? Maybe create a spreadsheet that can both track and analyze your results?

Turn It In

This assignment should be uploaded to your Submitted folder on Dropbox by classtime on Monday, April 29. Please follow the file-naming and format guidelines.

For this project, I won't be grading you on achievement—instead, I'd like you to be able to, as the Learning Model suggests, "stumble without fear." Therefore, I'll only be grading you on whether or not you turn in this assignment, not whether or not or how well you actually do the project it describes.