Semester Project Presentation

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At the end of the semester we'll hold our Semester Project Fair. The idea is that everyone will bring some sort of visual representation of their project so that others interested in tackling similar problems can learn from the experience we each bring to the table.

Each person will be allowed a section of table on which to display their presentation. In addition, we will set aside some time for anyone who would like to do some kind of performance as part of their presentation. If you have questions about what you can or cannot do, or what resources might be available for you, please ask me.

Your presentation should answer 3 important questions:

Whether you create a poster, a slideshow, a performance, or something else is entirely up to you so long as you answer these questions.

Pro-tip: There aren't many nearby power outlets, so if you intend to use a device such as a laptop or tablet, make sure it's charged up before you come.

Turn It In

The Semester Project Fair will be held during class on Friday, July 19. In addition to the Fair, we will also have a potluck celebrating the end of the semester and we'll give out prizes.

For this project, I won't be grading you on achievement—instead, I'd like to be able to, as the Learning Model suggests, "stumble without fear." Therefore, I'll only be grading you on whether or not you have a presentation, not whether or not or how well you actually do the project it describes.

Because this assignment is time-sensitive and other people are relying on you, late work will not be accepted.