Slack Discussion 4


For this Slack discussion, please post your thoughts on the following prompt to your private team (named for a Nintendo character), read other's posts, and respond thoughtfully to what they are saying. Remember, the point is to have an actual conversation, not to do the minimum amount of interacting necessary to get a passing grade. We can all tell the difference when your motive is merely grade-based.

The Prompt:

What is your opinion about fake news, about Russian trolls and bots, about social media bubbles? Have you ever encountered fake news? Have you even shared it? Do you think you're well equipped to spot it? What tips do you have for your peers about responsibly using social media for news gathering?
Additionally, what do you think about the existence of our own personal biases? Are these dangerous? Do you feel you yourself are particularly susceptible to a particular kind of bias or bias about a particular subject? What are some techniques we might use to minimize the impact of our own biases when gathering information about the world and reading in the public discourse?

Turn It In

While there need be no official end of this discussion, I'm looking for you to have participated significantly by classtime on Friday, June 7.

Because this assignment is time-sensitive and other people are relying on you, late work will not be accepted.