Slack Discussion 1


We'll be using Slack this semester to further our classroom discussions. To make this easier than if everyone were talking together, you've each been added to a private channel of six or seven students; the channel is named after a Nintendo character (e.g., #Team-Mario).

For this Slack discussion, please post your thoughts on the following prompt, read other's posts, and respond thoughtfully to what they are saying. Remember, the point is to have an actual conversation, not to do the minimum amount of interacting necessary to get a passing grade. We can all tell the difference when your motive is merely grade-based.

The Prompt:

Let's talk more about your academic toolboxes, which we touched on in class (and is mentioned in the Pre-Semester Reflection assignment you're working on). Please tell your group about your best or worst academic skill, why you've found such success or frustration with it, and how you could improve you use/could help others improve their use of that skill.

Turn It In

While there need be no official end of this discussion, I'm looking for you to have participated significantly by classtime on Friday, April 26. "Participated significantly" means that you posted your own thoughts, read other's posts, and responded thoughtfully to others.

Because this assignment is time-sensitive and other people are relying on you, late work will not be accepted.