Pre-Semester Reflection


In the first days of class we talked about the idea of an academic toolbox, the set of skills you draw on to complete tasks in school (and in the world—academic skills have a wide application). For this assignment, I’d like you to reflect on and take account of the current status of your toolbox. This will serve two purposes:

So let's get started.

In class we conceived of the toolbox something like this:

Academic Toolbox


  • Reading
  • Memorization/Retention
  • Note-taking
  • Listening
  • Observing


  • Writing
  • Presentations
  • Tests
  • Class Discussions
  • Teaching/Tutoring
  • Practical Demonstrations
  • Projects


  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Establishing Routines
  • Sleep
  • Focusing
  • Attention Span

Write a reflection discussing the following points. You can discuss this any way you want—for example, by writing a paragraph for each point or by writing a paragraph for each part of your toolbox. Whatever works best for you.

Turn It In

This assignment should be uploaded to your Submitted folder on Dropbox by classtime on Friday, April 26. Please follow the file-naming and format guidelines.