Problem Poster


For the Researched Argument paper you are doing a "propose a solution" argument wherein you must first show that a problem exists and then present and argue for a solution to the problem. In such a situation, it's essential that you focus first on identifying and fully understanding the problem you've chosen; if you don't, you risk proposing an inadequate solution, opening yourself up to strong counterarguments.

In order to help you do this, you will create a poster to present to your classmates the problem you've chosen to write about. Your poster should

Feel free to use both text and images to make your poster engaging and informative for your viewer. We will be having a Poster Presentation Day in class on Wednesday, July 10. On that day, you will present your work to your classmates and field any questions they have about your problem and research.

(I might award extra credit to any truly remarkable posters.)

Turn It In

The poster is due in class on Wednesday, July 10. This assignment will count for two grades: one for having a complete poster, and one for demonstrating that you've done sufficient research to fully understand the problem you've chosen.