Problem 2.10


(adapted from Problem 2.10 on page 51 of Business and Administrative Communication.)

"Tell me about yourself."

This may be the most popular opening question of job interviews, but it's also a question that you'll encounter in nearly any social situation when you meet someone new. Although the question may be the same, the answer you give will change based upon the rhetorical situation: the audience, purpose, and context of the question.

Use the following questions to help you create good responses to the situations listed down below:

  1. How will the audience react to your answer? Will the audience see the message as important? What information will you need to include in your answer to keep their attention?
  2. How will the audience use your answer? Why is the audience asking the question? What information is relevant to the audience and what information can you leave out?
  3. How much information does the audience need? What information do they already know about you? What level of detail do they need?
  4. What are the audience's expectations about your answer? What are the appropriate word choices and tone for your answer? What topics should you avoid (at least for now)?
  5. What are the physical conditions that will affect your answer? Where are you (e.g., outside, in a noisy room, on the phone)? How much time do you have to give the answer?

Now write responses to the statement "Tell me about yourself" for the following situations:

Turn It In

Your responses should be typed, printed out, and turned in at class on the day listed on the schedule:

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