Practice Website Analysis


In order to prepare for your Unit 3 presentation, we need to practice analyzing a business's web presence. So let's practice!

Step 1: Examine

We're going to practice by analyzing the web presence of a KC institution: Town Topic. Take some time to examine Town Topic's website and social media accounts.

Step 2: Analyze

Next it's time to analyze. Use the following questions to guide you:

It might also help to compare what you're seeing to what other, similar businesses do (bit be aware that they might have different audiences and purposes):

Step 3: Write

Write up your findings and recommendations in a formal memo. Feel free to use images if that helps.

Step 4: Eat

Okay, this step is optional, but if you're like me, you probably need a bite to eat right about now. If you're going, pick me up some!

Turn It In

This assignment should be uploaded to Canvas by classtime on the day listed on the schedule.