Incorporating Evidence


In class we talked about incorporating evidence into our writing, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of summary, paraphrase, and quotation. For this assignment you'll create a pretend paragraph from a pretend paper using some pretend evidence I made up.

Write a paragraph from an imaginary argument paper that begins with this line: "Research generally agrees that open adoptions are beneficial for the adopted child." (Just so you know, "open" adoptions are those in which the adopted child can have contact with his or her birth parents). For evidence, please use the "facts" you find in this fake evidence. (Note: I made all this up. I have no idea what the actual effects of open adoptions are, and I have no intent to sway you one way or another. We just needed a sample topic to write about.)

You'll need to choose carefully what to include; whether to summarize, paraphrase, quote, or mix methods; and what order to put things in to make the strongest argument in your paragraph.

Turn It In

This assignment should be uploaded to your Submitted folder on Dropbox by classtime on Monday, July 15. Please follow the file-naming and format guidelines.

We will be working with your paragraphs in class, so either bring a print-out with you or have it ready to access on a device.