Getting on Slack


In this class, we don't discover knowledge out in the wild; we make it by sharing, questioning, and refining our ideas as a community. We call this "social construction," and for a writing and thinking class, it's way more effective than just reading a textbook.

However, not everyone is comfortable sharing ideas on the fly, during class, in front of their peers. Sometimes we need space and time to think things through before sharing. And sometimes we just don't have time in class to get to everything. Enter Slack. Slack is free software we can use to carry on our discussions outside of class. It's like a group text or Facebook chat, but more organized and powerful. And you can run it on your internet browser, desktop, or smartphone (or all three), so it's painless and easy, sending you notifications according to your own preferences.

For this assignment, then, you need to join our class workspace and set up your account. Follow these steps:

Step 1

Join our Slack workspace by clicking the link below:

If that doesn't work, you can also sign up using your email address by going to and choosing to create an account. If you have problems with this step, contact me as soon as possible.

Step 2

Next, please edit your profile to include a picture and a name. These don't necessarily have to be a picture of yourself or your actual name (you're entitled to your privacy, of course), but please be respectful and thoughtful as you choose an avatar and name for us to know you by online.

Also, please go into the preferences menu and change any settings you need to. I recommend setting some Do Not Disturb hours (the default is midnight to 8am) and setting the Notifications to what you'd like.

Lastly, consider downloading the smartphone app (on Android or iOS) or the desktop app and logging in that way. You may have to revisit the preferences in those apps to get everything arranged how you want it. For example, you might not want to receive any notifications on your smartphone, leaving them to pop up on your laptop when you're working, or vice versa. Please don't turn off all the notifications everywhere, however, or you'll miss important announcements and updates.

Step 3

Once you're all set up, you need to write two messages. First, post a message to the #random channel explaining what you hate most about writing and writing classes. Second, send me a direct message (you'll find me as "Dr. G") letting me know that you're on and, if you've chosen a name for yourself other than your real name, what your real name is so I can keep track of who's who.


If you use accessibility software such as a screenreader with your computer, Slack has information about how their apps best work for you. Slack also offers accessible themes built specifically to help those with colorblindness, which you can find in the preferences menu. Please contact me if I can help you make your Slack experience any better or more accessible.