Coverage Report Bibliography Peer Assessment


Step 1: Write a Partial Bibliography

Complete a partial draft of the annotated bibliography you're producing for the Current Event Coverage Report. It should have at least 5 entries with both a citation and an annotation for each, preferably including at least one from each category (fact-based, interpretive, and opinion-based journalism).

If you are working in a group, I highly recommend you post different entries than your group members post to maximize the amount of feedback you receive.

Step 2: Post to Slack

Your partial draft is due to be posted to Slack by 9:00pm on Friday, June 21. There are three new public channels to choose from in posting your work: #MLA, #APA, and #Chicago (Turabian users should post to Chicago, obvs). Add yourself to the appropriate channel, and then post your work there by uploading a .docx file (click the plus sign to the left of the textbox and choose "Add a file from...Your computer").

You should name your file Last name, Bibliography.docx (replacing "Last name" with your actual last name).

Because this assignment is time-sensitive and other people are relying on you, late work will not be accepted. If you do not post by the deadline, you are not permitted to participate further and will not receive a passing grade for this assignment.

Step 3: Download and Rename Files

After the 9:00pm deadline, I will post to each channel a list of who is assigned to review whose bibliography. You'll be assigned two of your peers' work.

Download the relevant resumes and job ads to your hard drive, and then rename them this way:

Author’s Last Name, Bibliography, reviewed by My Last Name.docx

Obviously the Author’s Last Name is already part of the file name, so just add the “reviewed by” phrase, substituting your own last name for My Last Name. This might sound like a hassle, but it’s important file-sharing etiquette and will help us keep everything straight.

Step 4: Give Detailed Feedback

Now you are prepared to give feedback to your assigned peers. Start by checking their citations, making sure they'll correctly cited their sources in MLA, APA, or Chicago style. Then move on to the annotations, giving feedback on what they've done well and what they can improve in their discussions of provenance, bias, and reasoning. It may help to review the assignment description for the Current Event Coverage Report or to look at some of the samples.

Step 5: Post Your Work

Save your work and post it to Slack for your peers to find, preferably by replying to their original post to create a thread. Your feedback should be posted by classtime on Monday, June 24.