Current Event Coverage Report Grading Conference

I highly encourage you to sign up for a grading conference time where you and I can meet and discuss your Current Event Coverage Report in person. These conferences are optional, but remember that your participation in these conferences has an impact on the final grade you receive in the class, as explained in the Syllabus.

If you DO want to participate in a grading conference

  • Sign up for a time on the Coverage Report Grading Meeting Sign-Up Sheet by Monday, June 24.
  • Before the meeting, please complete the Coverage Report Reflection and upload it to your Submitted folder on Dropbox.
  • At the meeting, please bring the final draft of your Current Event Coverage Report paper, printed out. I will read and respond to your paper—right there, during the meeting, in person—and we will discuss what grade the paper should receive. There will be no need to turn in your paper again, separate from this meeting. (For online meetings just upload your paper to Dropbox ahead of time; see the sign-up sheet for details).

If you DON'T want to participate in a grading conference