Argument Structure Map


Map out the structure of the argument made by Emily Bazelon in her article "Hitting Bottom: Why America Should Outlaw Spanking." This means you should identify her claim, the major reasons she gives in support of that claim, and the evidences she uses to support those reasons, and it will probably require several close readings to do well. How you represent this in a "map" is up to you—you could do something textual like an outline or something visual like a diagram, typed or handwritten or drawn. Either way, commit it to paper and bring it with you to class, ready to defend your reading of her argument.

Turn It In

This assignment should be uploaded to your Submitted folder on Dropbox by classtime on Friday, May 3. (If your map is hand-drawn, feel free to snap a pic of it and upload that.) Please follow the file-naming and format guidelines.

We will be working with your maps in class, so either bring the original with you or have it ready to access on a device.