Argument Analysis Peer Review


Bring a hard copy of your near-complete draft of your Argument Analysis paper to class with you on Friday, May 24. By "near-complete," I mean at least 6 of the 9 sections of the paper should be included. Don't forget you have sample papers to help you as well as friends on Slack and other resources.

Turn It In

This is an in-class assignment, to be completed and turned in during class on Friday, May 24.

To receive credit you (1) must be present, (2) must have a near-complete draft of your paper, (3) must have the draft printed out on paper. Failure to meet these three requirements will result in a fail for this assignment, and late work will not be accepted. Why, you ask? Because it is not fair to judge another's paper if you aren't yourself prepared to be judge. Sharing your writing with others is scary—you must be vulnerable to other people if they are going to be vulnerable to you.