Here you'll find a comprehensive list of the formal assignments we'll do this semester, organized by type. These same assignments are also listed in the Schedule, arranged there, of course, by due date. Click on any assignment to read a detailed description of what it is and how to do it.

Major Papers

These are the major papers we'll complete during the semester. As explained in the Syllabus, you will have the option of either meeting with me for a grading conference to receive feedback on your work or just turning your work in for a grade and no feedback. Papers will be assigned a simple letter grade.

Note: Due to scheduling constraints, we won't be doing grading conferences for the Current Event Coverage Report this semester.

Everyday Assignments

All of the following assignments will be graded as a pass or fail, and some of them count for multiple grades. For convenience, I've grouped them by unit. Assignments that have a little LATE badge next to it cannot be turned in late.

Anytime Assignments

These assignments can be completed anytime before the end of the semester, at your own pace.

Unit 1: Analysis

Unit 2: Synthesis

Unit 3: Argument