More Student Strategies


S. David Grover

30 July 2020

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Further Strategies

To round out this week's reading on being a strategic student, here are some additional strategies I've discovered in my years and a student and teacher.

Many of these insights come from an assignment I often use in my writing classes, the Semester Project. The project is to choose any academic weakness, create a plan to conquer it, and do it. Students have absolute freedom to choose any weakness and any plan they want, and they are not graded on their achievement—only on whether they turn in a proposal at the beginning and a report at the end. Thus, complete failures and massive successes are equally rewarded, giving students motivation to follow their hearts without fear of punishment.

Over the years I’ve had students choose nearly every conceivable topic: handwriting, vocabulary, playing an instrument, sleep habits, personal finance, notetaking, fear of speaking in class, procrastination, and dozens more topics. 

Planning Well

Time Management

Sleep Isn’t the Problem

Shifts in Setting

Best Project Ever

Rewards and Motivators